Multiple Teams · Edgewood High School Varsity Cross Country Semi- State Results

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Meet Recap

Our two representatives on the girls side today were Paige Abel and Kaylee Meyer. All season long, these two have taken different approaches to their races, and come up with very similar results, usually finishing within about 10-15 seconds of one another. Today was the same story. Both were out quicker than last week, and put themselves in a race. The result was Kaylee running a new PR (20:44) and Paige running a season best time (20:54). We knew going into the meet that advancing past this point would take a pretty big drop. Being able to end their season with a strong race is always a plus and we hope that this is a good foundation for the upcoming spring.

Way back at the start of the summer, Austin came into things with a goal of making it to the state finals. As things have progressed, those goals have shifted a bit and he came into today’s meet with a realistic goal of not only advancing to the state finals, but competing for the top postion. When the gun went off, he immediately put himself in the top 5, assuring that he was racing with the right level of competition. The first 2000 meters had a lot of movement around the top 10 postions, as guys were all fighting for that state finals trip. By about 3000 meters there was a group of 5 that started to pull away from the next pack a little bit, and Austin was among them. Holding right with the leaders through this point, helped position Austin in 3rd place with 2K to go. After a gap was opened up between the front two and himself from the 3K to about the 3500 mark, there was not much more widening of the gap. As he approached the final K, there was one competitor trying to make a move, but Austin still had enough in the tank to outkick him and hold that third spot.