Boys Varsity Track · Edgewood High School Boys Varsity Track finishes 1st place

Thursday, April 27, 2017

5:30 PM





Meet Recap

What an evening for the Stangs!
Senior night is always a night filled with high energy, excitement and fun! When you are able to compete and win, and have both teams win, it makes it even that more special!
This wont be a normal post. I wont review all of the events. Rather I will highlight what I took away from the evening.
On a night filled with promise and anticipation, we had senior heavy teams compete in events that they normally would not. Seniors Tyler McGlothlin, Denver Aydelott, Lucas Poling, Harrison Cottingham, and Alex Michael competed in relays and events that are usually foreign to them! The 4 x 1 race and even a 200 meter dash!
The meet, usually burdened by the race against the clock, trying to beat PR’s and besting a previous time or mark, gave way to laughter, fun and an environment where the athletes got to be loose and a bit care free!
Senior night was filled with many fond memories for this coach! Kids smiling, racing, competing. Trying new events, laughing with teammates, challenging teammates, creating memories that hopefully far exceed their imagination of what they thought it might be like! The sky stayed dry, many eyes did not as we wrapped up the evening with our Seniors summing up “thank you’s and letters of Gratitude” to their parents!!
When the night was over, Both teams were victorious! The boys saw their team win 9 events, with 3 young men being double winners, Noah Bise, (HJ-LJ), Austin Haskett (1600-3200) and Cole Hall (100-200) and we were able to forget about the spikes, shot puts and speed suits and focus on our kids and their support systems!
The Lord has blessed me with this opportunity, to coach these young people, and I am ever so grateful for it! Last night meant a lot to this guy! I am so very thankful I was able to sit, stop, and enjoy the moment, listen to the words spew from the mouths of babes, shed some tears and smile a whole lot more! This senior class will be missed. The leadership, the desire, the effort, the fight, the laughs, the tears of both joy and disappointment, the countless ice baths, rub downs, the talks about life, talks about track, talks about school, talks about life, girls, boys, relationships, LIFE……….Oh, how very grateful I am for those!!!!
Congrats Seniors on a job well done. Not just in track, but more importantly in life. The future will hold no limits for you as long as you keep moving forward, stay focused and never settle for anything less than you deserve!., which is GREATNESS!!!
Thank you for engraving your initials on my heart!!


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