Boys Varsity Track · Edgewood High School Boys Varsity Track finishes 1st place

Thursday, May 11, 2017

5:30 PM





Meet Recap

I am still not sure that the results from Thursday night have fully sunken in….for me and especially the kids! I will not be able to express how incredibly proud I am of these boys and the way that they attacked the meet from the very first race!
When seedings came out on Tuesday, I spent the night, after the girls meet, going through each event. The more events I scored the more mad I became. I know that the seed times are a physical thing. They are numbers that adults put into a computer that reflects their athletes best time or mark. I know those same times and marks dont know or care who I am or what school I coach. The times and marks did not do anything to me personally. They caused me no harm or wrong-doing. However, I couldnt help but feel some what bamboozled and very much like it was a personal attack not on just me but my kids also. It felt very personal knowing that my kids have worked in the weightroom since October. It felt personal knowing that my kids have ran hundreds of hills. It felt personal knowing that in the week before the conference meet my kids were out in the cold rain working their tails off. IT MOST CERTAINLY FELT PERSONAL!!
That was the message I delivered to our team on Wednesday.
We talked Wednesday about how we were heavy with senior leadership and they did not factor that into the seedings.
We talked about how hard we had worked all season, in the weightroom, on the track, etc. and that they did not factor that into the seedings.
We talked about how ONE. PLACE. DIFFERENCE. could play a huge role in helping us score points when we should not and that they did not factor that into the seedings.
We talked about how we needed to go out and be the Predators not the prey!
Clearly, they did not factor that into the seedings.

When the night came to an end, and it seemed liked it happened so quickly, what transpired was probably one of the best moments I have ever had as a coach. To see your team lay it all out on the line. To give everything they had. You could see the exhaustion. The hard work of months in the weightroom. The months of sprints, stairs, wrestling laps, hills, plyo boxes, balance balls, pool workouts, core work, ladders, more hills, sweat, blood, tears. You could see all of the effort coming to a head.
You could also see the energy grow as event after event we had kids make a ONE. PLACE. DIFFERENCE. A total team effort was what these kids of mine delivered! Unselfishly, they performed for each other. They competed as hard as they could for their team!

On a night when we were seeded 6th, middle of the pack, in an ever improving conference meet (only 26 points separated 1st through 6th place), my kids went out and far exceeded what everybody else, including those best times and best marks, thought of them. On this night, they allowed their minds to be free and not be constricted to what a seeding sheet told them. As the final results were read, the Stangs from the Wood finished with 2 champions (3200 and LJ) and a whole bunch of ONE. PLACE. DIFFERENCE. makers!!!

and one heck of an exhausted, teary eyed, incredibly PROUD coach………………

2017 Mens WIC Champions!

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School Place Points
Edgewood High School
West Vigo High School
Brown County High School
Cascade High School
Sullivan High School
Owen Valley High School
South Putnam High School
Greencastle High School
Cloverdale High School
Northview High School
North Putnam High School
Indian Creek High School