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Introducing Edgewood Basketball’s Summer Skill  Development Program

The goal of Driveway Basketball is to create a culture where players are continually working on skill development. It will also build unity throughout our program as players in grades 3-12 can workout together.  By recording our results, off-season workouts become a friendly competition and allow our players to push each other to get better.

This year’s program will begin on Monday, May 26th and conclude on Monday, September 7th.  Players need to use the official Edgewood Driveway Basketball tracking sheet to record their shots. At the end of the month, each player will submit the number of shots they attempted that month and leaders will be posted on our team’s Twitter page.

Players will be provided a workout program consisting of drills selected by the high school coaching staff.  This workout can be completed at home, in the park, or at the gym. Workouts are designed to last 30-40 minutes. It is best if a player has a partner to complete the workout, so this is a great opportunity for teammates to work together or parents to work with their son. Since they can be completed on their own time, these workouts do not interfere with a player’s other sports.

If they choose, players are allowed to create their own workout or find a different workout online. Remember that they will only be submitting the number of shots attempted.

The following items count towards a player’s shot attempts, and are offered as an incentive to get kids to participate in these events/camps.

  • Each practice, open gym, or summer camp with the high school coaching staff will count as 100 shots

  • Attending a basketball camp or individual lesson – 100 shots per session

  • Ball Handling Drills – Every 5 minutes of ball handling counts as 10 shots

Players reaching the following benchmarks will receive a t-shirt for their efforts and will be introduced before starting line-ups of our first varsity basketball game. 

  • 3rd-5th Grade = 2,500 attempted shots

  • 6th-8th Grade = 4,500 attempted shots

  • 9th-12th Grade = 7,500 attempted shots

Below are some guidelines and suggestions that will help you along the way: 

  1. Be consistent in your shooting schedule.  Establish a specific practice time. The goal is not to shoot all your shots in one month but use three months to accomplish your goal.

  2. Be honest!  Your goal is to become a better shooter and help your team be successful. 

  3. Start close to the basket and work on proper form. Avoid shots that are out of your range.  If you shoot out of your range you will develop bad habits and once it becomes a habit, it is very hard to correct.

  4. Concentrate on good shooting form. Only shooting layups does not count and will not improve your shooting ability. Vary your shots for game situations and include free throws in your shooting practice.

  5. Shoot at GAME SPEED. During our high school practices, we strive to make shots when we are tired. We want you to do the same in the off-season. When working out on your own you should follow your shot. Never let a missed shot bounce twice.

  6. Free throws count! Use free throws as your break. Shoot 2-5 free throws between drills and get back to the workout. It is important to shoot free throws at the end of your workout. Always end on a make!                  

If you have additional questions or need to get a tracking sheet, contact Coach Matt Wadsworth at 

Recording Sheet
Workout #1