Mustangs News · Edgewood Driveway Basketball – Level 2

Record June Results Here
Workout #2
One full month of our Driveway Basketball program is now complete and it’s time to share your results!
First, please use the button above to report the number of shots taken in the month of June.  Then, to access a new set of drills click the button for Workout #2.
A competitive component has been added to this month’s workout, as some of the drills include a scoring system. If a player chooses to use it, this is an additional way they can track their progress.
I believe that the best practice is to take and make shots at game speed against a live defender. So why are we only tracking makes?  Two reasons: 

#1  Many players are in a situation where they are working out on their own since we do not have the ability to come into the gym to work out and compete against each other; and,

  #2  I want to keep the program simple. It can become very complicated for a player to keep track of both makes and misses (especially for our younger players). The program is designed to allow players to focus on shooting and have an attainable goal.  

Boys Basketball Camp Updates
Running a camp and working with our younger players is one of my favorite parts of coaching.  However, since the school has asked us to not conduct a summer camp this year, we are exploring possible alternatives.  One potential option is to do a camp this fall– we will keep you updated!

I would love to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to email me questions about the workout–especially if a drill or terminology isn’t clear to you.

You can email me at

Go Mustangs!

Coach Matt Wadsworth
Edgewood Basketball